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Cartoon styled The Last of Us Joel Wip

I found this cartoon styled The Last of Us concept by Feli P. Tomkinson one day browsing through deviantart, and fell in love with it so told myself I would do a 3d version of it someday. Started on Joels head a few weeks ago but had not had time to pick it up again till this past weekend. Going to continue with the props and then I am on to Ellie.

the_last_of_us___joel_by_argentinaland-d6gvpip (1)

That last one is the concept by Feli P. Tomkinson. You can find more of his work at http://www.argentinaland.deviantart.com



Quick Q WIP

Quick Q WIP

have been working on textures for this guy but until they are done here is a quick clayrender


Atticus Walker

Atticus Walker

character for a project I am currently working on with JJ deman

frieza update 4

a little work on the body…have decided to make him a real time characterImage

Frieza update 3

An update on my frieza character!

Robot Wip

Alright after a long time without a post, finally can post again, as my computer had died, here is a wip I have had for a while, but couldnt work on it for technical reasons, the old computer couldnt really handle it, but back in business,…own concept worked directly in zbrush.